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Social Tennis at Thornlie Tennis Club gives players a chance to play competitive yet fun and enjoyable matches against other people. It also gives you the chance to socialise with many others from around the Tennis Club who share your same interests in tennis. So come on down for a hit during any of these sessions*:

Adult Social Tennis

- Monday 8am

- Wednesday 8am and 7pm

- Saturday 2pm

Ladies Only Social Tennis

- Monday 6.45pm

Junior Social Tennis (school term only)

- Thursday 5-6.30pm

*Fees apply for non-members

Social Tennis

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The Club holds a variety of tennis-related events throughout the year for both the public and its members, ranging from Tennis Open Days in January to Club Championships in April.  Every year, The Club also has multiple junior and adult teams participating in the Tennis West Tennis League (pennants) during the summer and winter seasons.


Other events like the annual Christmas Party and fundraisers are also held to help promote the Club, bring the community together, celebrate milestones and bring in financial support.

You can get more information on how to participate in these events via our social media pages or emails sent directly to members.

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