Court Hire

New Booking System

As of Thursday 18th June, court hire will recommence. We have a new booking system in place supplied by a company called Clevercourts.


Players will no longer have to pick up and return a key. All bookings can be made online through the Clevercourts website, where you will receive a code that will need to be entered into the keypad at the club to gain access.


Club members will receive credits that can used to book courts during daylight hours (lights will need to be paid for). To get your credits allocated, create a login/account with the website, please follow this link to do so 


Once you have created your account, it can take up to 3 days to receive your credits, so please create asap. Please note that your credits are for you and you are not allowed to book courts for other people.


Visitors / non members can book their own courts and pay online.


This is a new system and there will be some glitches, please work with us, as this system is going to make the booking process very easy for everyone involved. If you have any questions please contact Darren on 0412497778 as he is looking after the process.

There are some days and times when the courts can’t be hired due to club commitments - please check the calendar below for times marked with the following:
  Limited Court Hire - there may not be any courts available, particularly at night if lights are required.
  No Court Hire - unlikely to be any courts available